Einstein said: Imagination is more valuable than knowledge.

                           The Talking Stick, Detail 7a from Gallery MINDWORKS

                           The Talking Stick, Detail 7a from Gallery MINDWORKS

The following quotations of JOHN O'DONOHUE are from his book
Beauty, the Invisible Embrace, 2004


"…the imagination is the eye to the inner world. When the imagination awakens, the inner world illuminates. We begin to glimpse things that no-one speaks about, that the outer world seems to ignore."

"The imagination has retained the grace of innocence. This is no naive, untested innocence. It knows well the shadows and thoughts of the world but it believes that there is more, that there are secret worlds hidden within the simplest, clearest things."

"The imagination is not convinced by the world of external fact. It is not persuaded by situations that pretend to be finished or closed. The innocence of the imagination is willing to see new possibilities in what appears to be fixed and framed. There is a moreness to everything that can never be exhausted."

"The imagination keeps the heart young. When the imagination is alive, the life remains youthful. This is evident in the writer or artist who is old in years but is still incredibly vital in soul and mind.

"The imagination works through suggestion, not description. Description is always direct and frequently closes off what it names. Suggestion respects the mystery and richness of a thing. All it offers are clues to its nature. Suggestion keeps the mystery open and extends us the courtesy of inviting us to see the thing for ourselves. It offers us the hospitality and freedom to trust the integrity of our own encounter with a thing. This is how a work of art can allow itself to be seen in so many different and often conflicting ways. It does not foreclose on the adventure of revelation."

"You imagine who you are. Of all imaginative work this is the most intimate and creative."

"…whoever you consider yourself to be is also the result of your own imagination."

"The individual imagination is not its own invention: its source is elsewhere. The intuition, passion and luminosity of the individual imagination are infused with the urgency of the divine. Thus when we enter into our creativity, we are in the rhythm of the divine creator."

"A real (work of art) is a web of alternating possibilities. The imagination is capable of kindness that the mind often lacks because it works naturally from the world of Between; it does not engage things in a cold, clear-cut way but always searches for hidden worlds that wait at the edge of things."