HUMANS ...hum...m...m

HUMANS...hum...m...m?  -  seen in Gallery 71

Having read and re-read BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE TO FLY, a New and Radical Approach to Spiritual Evolution. 2010 by STEPHEN DAVIS, the understanding I get is as follows:

STEPHEN DAVIS tells us of his vision of THE FIELD; we are PLAYERS on one side of 'the Field' and the INFINITE I is the Source on the other side, creating 'the holographic universe ’ we experience as 'reality.' As PLAYERS we are not creative, we are observers, perceivers, and the INFINITE I is the ”the conceiver"…the source, the creator of “all that is.” DAVIS calls this the Human Game Model. 

The beauty of this vision is the end of EGO, the end of judgements, beliefs and opinions. Without judgements, nothing is wrong, every thing fine and there is no need to change anything.  PEACE!

The book  BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE TO FLY,  2010 is found in amazon.com, on the computer, on iPad or Kindle. It is free.