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The image above is a sketchbook drawing mediation used as one would a Rorschach ink-blot.

RORSCHACH ART  (H. Rorschach 1884-1922)  

Mindworks art begin as a form of doodling; a quiet mind of meditation, an alphastate, allows images to rise from the unconscious. It's rather like James Joyce's stream of consciousness…everything is noted, nothing is judged. The essense is to allow images to come forth. I call this drawing meditation. 

These initial marks are then scanned into the computer and modified in the Photoshop program. Motifs are moved, composition altered, sections eliminated, marks from other drawings are added, color is explored and the final is prepared for internet exposure or for printing. 

As Leonard daVinci suggested, in these marks the artist can "discover a resemblance to various landscapes, beautified with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees. Or again, you may see battles and figures in action or strange faces and costumes and an endless variety of objects which you can could reduce to complete and well-drawn forms."

During the process and after the work is complete as well, I gaze into it, much like one does with a Rorschach image, and discover new ideas, new meaning; the Rorschach images continue to trigger other thoughts in the mind. These thoughts in turn reveal information to the viewer and aid in self-integration. 

Inspired by Carl Jung, (the psychology of the mind), Anton Erhnesweig (the education of vision), Leonardo da Vinci (on creativity), and by artists such as Hieronymous Bosch, William Blake, Odilon Redon, Giorgio Morandi to name few, I continue to explore the unconscious mind and to draw forth MINDWORKS (Rorschach) imagery. This process is available to everyone for visual creativity.