Messages from the Light: Mellen-Thomas

George Noory on Coast to Coast AM presents 12 audio interviews with Mellen Thomas Benedict, an extraordinary documented case of an unusual Near-Death Experience.

For the first interview go to: ..this will link to 11 more interviews.

Mellen’s website: …with a link to “Stories” …revelations of his Near-Death Experience.

This and the Noory interviews present a powerful and optimistic view of humanity, it’s place in the universe and a message of hope and a positive future for human-kind. 


A few Quotes from Messages from the Light, Mellen-Thomas:

“We are made of light at our core. We come from the light, we’re made of light, we return to the light, it’s all about light.”

“I asked the light…What is the Plan? “There is no plan…there never was. You are given this universe to do what you want and you’re free to do that.”

“…the only meaning there is to life is the meaning you give to it. The only meaning to God is the meaning you give to it. “Creation has just begun…the future is so bright. We’ve all ready made it. Our survival…it’s inevitable.”

 ~Invocation of Ecstasy (part):

“Look again, for deep in every human soul there is a knowing that all life is a gift beyond measure. And that love, yes love Is the heart and the breath and the meaning of life.” …a poem by Mellen-Thomas Benedict


"A body without spirit is a waste land.
A Spirit without a body is a waste land.
With body and spirit you can have it all."
—MELLEN THOMAS BENEDICT, Messages from the Light