‘Allowing’ is most important. It is necessary to have no pre-conceived ideas about what the work will be. I start with my mind in an ‘idle’ state, kind of drifting, calm and relaxed. I put down a few smudges with charcoal on paper and ideas rising from my unconscious begin to appear. I read into these vague marks whatever images come to mind and then enhance them with more drawing…’drawing’ them forth, so to speak. Associations occur and it is mostly a process of discovery and adventure. It is important not to judge too quickly, just observe what is happening. There is no need to control, allowing is the key. It is very exciting. I let things happen–an advent.  

- I try different media: soft charcoal pencils, graphite, gouache, colored pencils, acrylics, I try everything. Different surfaces produce different results…stabilo pencils on frosted mylar allow for washes and tonal effects. I feel the media, enjoy the pull of the charcoal on the paper, the blackness and the sensitivity of the sharp point. As thoughts come to mind I just let them flow. Things are happening before me, I observe them, respond and move on.

- Later generations of these images are re-created and transformed in acrylics and gouache, lithography editions and etchings. Most recently this artwork is transformed into digital images in the computer. Here these images are enlarged, colored, cropped, altered and enhanced in the Photoshop Program. These digital images are then printed as RGB Lazer prints on photographic paper, as Giclée prints and more recently on canvas, all using pigmented inks for longevity.

- MINDWORKS are drawing meditations, images rising from the unconscious mind and enhanced as digital art.  

- The sculptor, David Ellsworth states:  “My work is improvisational, intuitive, process oriented.”  

- MINDWORKS images are also  …improvisational in nature (no preconceived ideas what the image will be)  …intuitive in spirit (images rising from the unconscious mind) …and focused on the process rather than the product.  Everyone can create MINDWORKS (and life) this way as well.