GALLERY 83 - Surrender Into the Unknown

“You’ve felt it your whole life. You’ve always known there’s  something inside of you that’s sought to be born, fresh and real—something far beyond your imagination that’s trying to break out and be. Everyone feels this inside. But to allow life to express itself in that way, with that much abandon, requires a true surrender into the unknown…’
~From the Cover Flap of the book, Falling Into Grace by ADYASHANTI


“As we begin to understand the causes of suffering, that all of our suffering is based in various ways in which we imagine ourselves to be separate and different, we begin the process of waking up from unhappiness to happiness.”

“We have to let go of the illusion that we are in control of our life. When we hand it over, we’ll find ourselves falling into grace, falling into this clarity and openness and love, falling right into the grace of awakening from separation, where we realize our true spiritual essence: this beautiful unknown, unborn presence which manifests as everything we see.”
~ADYASHANTI , Falling into Grace, 2011