There is no 'out-there' out there.
You are just consciousness
The universe is at heart a  gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram
'Real' is simply electrical signals
Reality is really a kind of illusion
The quintessential feature of a hologram
All the world's a stage...
Einstein said "Reality is merely an illusion"
'The Field' ...waves of possibilities
I am, therefore I think
Life is a 'virtuality reality' experience
"A critical mass" ~Ruperet Sheldrake
The law of cause and effect
Do only what brings you joy
Be the change you wish to see
Truth is simple
Awaken from the dream
Karma, the universal principle of cause and effect
Open your heart wider and wider
Art is What you discover about yourself
Outer and Inner Space are mostly empty space
Discover 'who I am not'
Formula for inner peace
Other people in your holographic experience
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