The image above is an example of drawing meditation for the final art titled:
                              “I Close My Eyes in Order to See”  [Seen in GalleryMOSTLY ABSTRACT]  

A stabilo (water soluble) pencil is applied to a semi-transparent frosted mylar film (non-absorbent) and the marks are modified with water in a brush. When digitized in the computer (Photoshop Program) the layout is re-composed, motifs are rearranged or eliminated and color is added. The artwork then is resized for the internet (72 ppi) and printing (300 ppi).


Doodling as a Creative Process:

 “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

“At some stage in the process of creation the creative product--whether painting, poem, or scientific theory--takes on a life of its own and transmits its own needs to its creator. It stands apart from him and summons material from his subconscious. The creator, then, must know when to cease directing his work and when to allow it to direct him. He must know, in short, when his work is likely to be wiser than he.”
The Art and Science of Creativity, 1965

 It is well established that much of our creative expression is birthed in the unconscious mind. To use creative expression and solutions in your everyday life, it is necessary to dip into the unconscious at will. Doodling is one way of doing this.

Creative Doodling allows the unconscious to render in symbolic expression. Symbols have universal as well as personal meaning. When you are stuck for an answer to a problem or looking for creative innovation, the technique of doodling will unleash the hidden symbolic powers of the unconscious mind. Go to "Doodling" in


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