...don't pay any attention to that man behind the screen.”

Since the early 1950’s I have been continually involved with visual arts: BA degree from Pennsylvania State University, fine arts major; MA degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City, printmaking major; Brooklyn Museum of Art, oil painting with Reuben Tam; extensive professional experience  in textile design; packaging design graphics, corporate identity programs; and finally teaching textile/surface design graphics for industry for 22 years at the Fashion Institute of Technology (State University of New York) in New York City). While at FIT, in collaboration with a fellow faculty member, Dorothy Wolfthal, we created the department textbook: TEXTILE PRINT DESIGN, Fairchild Publications, 1987.

In 1991 I was awarded Best-in-Show for Metamorphosis (GallerySPIRITUAL) at the Peekskill,NY Armory Exhibition. Moving to Florida in 1997 I have been fortunate to have exhibited in numerous art venues including: a group show at the  Rosemary Court Gallery in Sarasota, Intuitive Art,The Artist as Shaman  in 2000; a one-man show at the Amy Adams Gallery in Ft. Pierce, 2000; a one-man show at the J.Rose Gallery in Ft. Pierce, 2004; a two-man at the LoPressionism Gallery in Melbourne, 2006; a  three-man show in The Gallery at Avalon Island in Orlando 2008, and a one-man show at Florida Outsourcing Inc, 2009, also in Orlando.

I have exhibited five times at the Vero Beach Art Museum, Art by the Sea Exhibitions–two awards: 3rd place for digital art in 2007, and 3rd place in Mixed Media in 2009. In 2008 and 2009 I exhibited in  two group shows at Gallery 14 in Vero Beach, SMALL IS BIG. From May 2009 to September 2010 I was a member of The Art Gallery of Viera, a co-op gallery of 26 artists. In 2012-2013 I participated in Gallery 14&1/2, working in the gallery for a period of a year and a half. In 2014 I exhibited in "Our Beautiful Waters" in Gallery 14.              

Five books of mindworks imagery are available on amazon.com - MINDWORKS-ART, MINDWORKS ART, volumes 2 through 5. Also EARLY WORKS is a sixth book. Each is 8.5 x 8.5 inches square and has 60 images printed in full color. Go to amazon.com - then ALL then BOOKS then type in MINDWORKS-ART or EARLY WORK, Richard Fisher

Promotion of MINDWORKS imagery on the internet continues over the years in hopes of connecting with art lovers.

 In the 1970s I began to develop my own unique approach to art and the creative processes. At the core of this work are drawing meditations –images rising from the unconscious mind. With the advent of sophisticated computer and print technology I shifted from paint and brush to digital art on the computer. Inspired by Carl Jung, (the psychology of the mind), Anton Erhnesweig (the education of vision), Henry Reed (Channeling Your Higher Self), Leonardo da Vinci (on creativity), and by artists such as Hieronymous Bosch, William Blake, Odilon Redon, Giorgio Morandi to name a few, I continue to explore the unconscious mind and to draw forth MINDWORKS imagery. 



Richard Fisher – Curriculum Vitae  


Westchester Community College, Computer Graphics,1995-1997
Columbia University/Teachers College, Printmaking, MA degree1972
 Brooklyn Museum Art School, Oil Painting, with Ruben Tam 1957-1962
 Fulbright Scholarship to Study Textiles in Japan, Granted 1957
Parsons School of Design, Advertising Curriculum 1951
Pennsylvania State University, BA degree Fine Arts Major 1949



• FACULTY, Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York City, January 1975 to October 1997, —Textile/Surface Design Department

•TEXTILE PRINT DESIGN, the  department's textbook, published by Fairchild Publishers NY 1987

•POLLY & DICK FISHER DESIGN STUDIO, 1965 to 1989, accounts included:

-Graco Childrens Products: Styling, vinyl film products
-Jane/Albert Studio: Decorative Design;

-National Silver Company, Product Surface Design
-Hooker Chemical Corp: Stylist,Vinyl Film Products
-B.F.Goodrich Co: Vinyl Film Products
-Lippincott&Margulies: Industrial Design, Packaging and Corporate Identity Programs
-Cooperative Wholesale Society, England, CO-OP

-Bachmann Studio, Textile Design, NYC
-Prince Studio: Textile Design, NYC

-Innovations&Development Inc: Graphic Design, Ft. Lee, NJ
-International Paper, Flexography Division, NYC



2016 Artists Registry Members Exhibition at the City Arts Factory in Orlando, FL.
Five MINDWORKS images on display from September 15 to October 15, 2016.

2007-2014 - Four soft cover books titled MINDWORKS ART (Volumes 1 through 4) and each measuring 8.5×8.5″ were transferred from lulu.com to CreateSpace.com in 2014.  Each has 60 MINDWORKS images. 

A fifth book of paintings and sketches, entitled EARLY WORKS, was also transfered from lulu.com.  Volume 5 of MINDWORKS ART was created in late 2014-2015 in CreateSpace.com. 

In 2015 four books were uploaded to KINDLE.com  All are available on Amazon.com - go to: ALL, then BOOKS then type in MINDWORKS ART. For EARLY WORKS go to amazon.com - select BOOKS and then type in "Early Works, Richard Fisher"

Since MINDWORKS imagery is digital art, created in the computer, the internet seems the most logical venue on which to offer MINDWORKS imagery so that it could reach the greatest number of interested people.

The original website is now a catalog of earlier Mindworks artwork and is available on:  
...with images in 62 “GALLERIES”.

A 2nd website: 
... was created in 2015 to upgrade the site and to continue adding new artwork in Galleries 63 to 71 (as of April 2016).  MainStreetHost.com was engaged to promote the new website, establishing Facebook.com/MINDWORKSimages and to refine SEOs (Search Engine OptimIzation).


•GALLERY 14, Vero Beach, Florida,  Our Beautiful Waters, Exhibition January 2015. One piece sold: Coral Depths ...seen in Gallery 50: http://mindworksart.net/Gallery50.html

• Gallery 14 & 1/2, Vero Beach, FL – Permanent display of MINDWORKS imagery, April 30, 2012 to July 2013

• MINDWORKS ART, Volume 4 published March 2012 and printed by lulu.com…a 68 page soft cover book 8.5×8.5″ with 60 MINDWORKS images.

• GALLERY 14, Vero Beach, FL – SMALL IS BIG Exhibition, 3 MINDWORKS images on display, March 2 to 31,2012 Three works displayed: Angel On High, A Buddha Too, Kiss the Fading Day

• ARTISTS GUILD GALLERY INVITATIONAL, Vero Beach, FL – May 2011 – Ego Observed

• VERO BEACH MUSEUM OF ART – 23rd Annual ART BY THE SEA Exhibition - January 14, 2011. Life Is Difficult

• GALLERY 101, FT. LAUDERDALE, FL asked me to join their Anniversary Exhibition August 28, 2010, a 3 months exhibit.

• UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIP, Emerson Center, Vero Beach, FL. – Doors of Perception, a One-man Show. 13 works on exhibition, February to April 2010. 5 pieces sold.

• VERO BEACH MUSEUM OF ART – 22nd Annual ART BY THE SEA Exhibition January 15 to 17, 2010 A New Earth

• ART GALLERY OF VIERA in Central Florida had a Gala opening June 19 & 20, 2009. It is located in The Home Center at Murrell Rd. and Viera Blvd and exhibits artwork of 7 Founding Artists and 17 Associate Artists. Go to: http://www.artgalleryofviera.com

• GALLERY 14, Vero Beach, FL. 2nd Annual Group show: Small is Big, March 3 to March 28, 2009 Three works displayed: Colt  & Shy, Could Be a Friend  & Remembering.  Colt purchased by JoAnn Purcell of Vero Beach, FL.

• FLORIDA OUTSOUCING INC, Orlando, FL. Exhibition of MINDWORKS images, February 19 to March 14, 2009

• VERO BEACH MUSEUM OF ART – 21st Annual ART BY THE SEA Exhibition January 23 to January 25, 2009 House of Grief – 3rd Place Award in Mixed-Media category, seen on website, Gallery 12.

• The GALLERY AT AVALON ISLAND, Orlando, FL.  June 19 to July 10th 2008. A two-man exhibition.

• GALLERY 14, VERO BEACH, FL. Group Show: Small is Big, March, 2008.   Two works: Voyeur and Madness You Say

• VERO BEACH MUSEUM OF ART – 20th Annual ART BY THE SEA Exhibition January 18 to January 20, 2008  Aladdin’s Wish

• VERO BEACH MUSEUM OF ART – 19th Annual ART BY THE SEA Exhibition February 9 to February 11, 2007 – 3rd Place Award in Digital Art and sold Between Heaven and Earth

• VERO BEACH COMPUTER GROUP – Power Point Slide Presentation: Using the Computer for Art…A Spiritual Journey January 4, 2007

• VERO BEACH MUSEUM OF ART, Vero Beach Art Club Members Invitational Exhibit, September 8 to October 7, 200

• LoPRESSIONISM GALLERY – Melbourne, Florida,, WHAT THE TECH, a two-person exhibition of digital art, August 18 to September 23, 2006

• BROWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE – Fine Arts Gallery, Davie, Florida. “Breakthrough” – a National Juried Exhibition, March 9 to 30, 2006 – “The Process” as seen on my Website.

• VERO BEACH MUSEUM OF ART – 18th Annual ART BY THE SEA ExhibitionJanuary 20 to January 22, 2006 Exhibited: Carousel Man

• VERO BEACH ART CLUB: Treasure Coast Competitive Exhibiton, Courthouse at Vero Beach, Florida, January 13 to April 13, 2006 – Gone Fishing – Gallery 15 on the website.

• VERO BEACH PUBLIC LIBRARY: January 10 to March 14, 2006 – 8 works on exhibition

• UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, National Entrepreneur Center, Rotating Art Program , Orlando, FL, – September 2005

• ARTISTS FOR LITERACY – Art Auction and Fundraiser, Literacy Services of Indian River County, Inc, Vero Beach, Florida, March 1, 2005 Sold:  Adolescent Child

• J. ROSE ART GALLERY: Ft. Pierce, Florida. “MINDWORKS, THE PROCESS”,  A one-man show, April 4 to April 24, 2004
Sold: Focus, purchased by JoAnn Purcell of Vero Beach, FL

• CITY of AVENTURA: Rotating Art Exhibition Program, Aventura, Florida, February 19 to March 25, 2004

• OVAL DIGITAL ART EXHIBITION: Orlando Visual Artists League, Orlando, Florida, January 15 to February 15, 2004

• ART BY THE SEA: Vero Beach Art Museum, Vero Beach, Florida January 23 to January 25, 2004

• FLORIDA ARTISTS REGISTRY: First Annual Members Exhibition, November 20, 2003 to January 17 2004

• VERO BEACH CULTURAL COUNCIL/ART IN PUBLIC PLACES: Courthouse Exhibition, October 15, 2003 to January 14, 2004

• VERO BEACH MUSEUM OF ART: Treasure Coast Competitive Exhibiton, Vero Beach, Florida June 21 to July27, 2003

• FIG TREE ART GALLERY: Melbourne, FLorida March 2000 to 2001

• ROSEMARY COURT GALLERIES: Intuitive Art, The Artist as Shaman, Sarasota, Florida: April 7, 2000 to June 30, 2000

• AMY ADAMS ART GALLERY: Ft.Pierce, Florida, One Man Show, February 2000

• BLUE HERON GALLERY: Port St.Lucie, Florida, March 1998


• PEEKSKILL ARMORY SHOW: Best-In-Show award, October 1991 , Metamorphosis

• GARRISON ART GALLERY: Two Man show July 1990

• MONTROSE LIBRARY: Three Man show May 1990

• GALLIMAUFRY GALLERY: Croton NY: February 1988


• BROOKLYN MUSEUM ART SCHOOL: Student show, 1962


Born Richard Fischwenger in Jamaica Hospital, Jamaica, Queens Borough,
New York City, NY, USA in October 12, 1926  
to Henry Rhinefrank Fischwenger and Gertrude Gladys Moore.
Name changed to Richard Chase Fisher in  1942  in Binghamton, NY by father. 

Gertrude Gladys Moore was born in Brooklyn, NY to Charles Wesley Moore
and Hattie Chase Moore, sister of the artist William Merritt Chase