Welcome to MINDWORKS imagery…the Intuitive Art of Richard Fisher

“I Close My Eyes in Order to See.” ~Paul GAUGUIN
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MINDWORKS are drawing meditations, a Spiritual Journey…explorations into the Unconscious Mind.

A NEW EARTH - Gallery 19

DANCERS, Loud Music -


 Summer  MYSTERY - Gallery 51 


Appreciate unique and inventive artwork with visionary and fine art prints on canvas from artist Richard Fisher. Mindworks Art is a spiritual journey of thought and process through mixed media and technique that aims to transform the unconscious into brilliant works of individual art. Pastel, charcoal, canvas and computer programs work in synergy to create expressive and meaningful pieces.  

The brainchild of artist Richard Fisher, MINDWORKS Art’s mission is to share his journey into the collective unconscious. It is a process of discovery, art put to the service of self-realization for the artist as well as the viewer. 

The pieces on display are process, not product-driven, allowing for an organic form of art that comes from the unconscious rather than the biased conscious mind. The process is to suspend judgment and without having any pre-conceived ideas of what the work will be...to allow these images to rise up to consciousness. Drawing from the inspiration of Leonardo da Vinci, William Blake, Carl Jung and others, MINDWORKS Art aims to continue the tradition of free-form expression and awaken the imagination of the mind’s eye.

Browse the online Galleries for a look at one-of-a-kind artwork, and find the perfect piece for your home or office. For more information on visionary and fine art prints on canvas, contact us today.

NOTE: This website is designed in chronological order; earlier MINDWORKS images are in the lower numbered galleries, more recent images are in the higher numbered galleries.

Galleries 1 - 62 are in a catalog website:  http://www.mindworksart.net/IndexCatalog.html